Franco Zeffirelli

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Zeffirelli, Franco

(fräng`kō zāf-fērĕl`lē), 1923–, Italian opera, stage, and film director and designer, b. Florence as Gianfranco Zeffirelli. Zeffirelli had his first successes as assistant to the director Luchino ViscontiVisconti, Luchino
, 1906–76, Italian film director and writer, b. Milan as Luchino Visconti de Modrone. One of Italy's most acclaimed directors, Visconti has been called the father of neorealism for his early films Ossessione (1942) and La terra trema (1948).
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 in the films Troilus and Cressida and The Three Sisters. His first opera production was La Cenerentola for Milan's La Scala, after which he became known chiefly for his opulent opera productions. He has mounted productions of Falstaff (1964, revival 2002) and Antony and Cleopatra (1966), among others, for the Metropolitan Opera Company. Zeffirelli's films include The Taming of the Shrew (1966), Romeo and Juliet (1968), Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1973), The Champ (1979), Endless Love (1981), La Traviata (1983), Hamlet (1990), Jane Eyre (1996), and Tea with Mussolini (1999).


See his autobiography (1986).

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Steps Whole class: Play the scene Individual work: Have students from the classic Zefirelli write in their journals: Has (1968) film of Romeo and there ever been a time when Juliet.
The Hong Kong marital comedy One Husband Too Many (Chan 1988), an off-shoot of Romeo and Juliet, opens with a performance of Romeo and Juliet which cheaply imitates Franco Zefirelli's famous adaptation.
Teatros de Berlin, Munich, Hannover, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Hamburgo y Manheim exhibieron marquesinas con su nombre, y directores de la talla de Rafael Kubelik, Lorin Maazel, Franco Zefirelli, Peter Ustinov y Herbert von Karajan encontraron deleite en dirigirlo.
Clad in a romantic outfit that matched the love song he was ice dancing to: the love song from the movie Romeo and Juliet - the one by Franco Zefirelli that starred Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey - Martinez wowed the world.
(I discuss in detail Zefirelli's rendering of this scene below.) Claiming to doubt even her own empirical knowledge, Kate's gender performance is clearly on a trajectory toward the apex it will reach in her final speech.
Emular a un ilustre predecesor sobre las tablas, dirigir una version cinematografica novedosa, o pergenar una secuela que ilumine alguno de los muchos rincones oscuros del texto--el eje post-edipico Hamlet--Gertrudis--Claudio es sin duda uno de los aspectos mas revisados, como bien nos muestran Franco Zefirelli en el cine, o John Updike y Margaret Atwood en la ficcion literaria--son actividades sobre las que siempre se proyecta la poderosa sombra de una tradicion interpretativa mas interesada en sancionar que en cuestionar las verdades de la tragedia.
Last year's Carmen utilized a typically overwrought Zefirelli conception merely to stuff every empty space with animals, innumerable humans and a few leading characters who were completely lost in the teeming mass.
Franco Zefirelli's 1981 Met Boheme remains the benchmark for grandly scaled, fanatically detailed, picturesque productions, His Cafe Momus uses real posters that appeared on 19th-century Paris streets, advertising laxatives and lingerie.
Being a good Catholic girl, my other televisual highlight of 1977 was the Franco Zefirelli mini-series Jesus of Nazareth, with Robert Powell and his mesmerising blue eyes in the eponymous role.
Back in Ambleside there was time for fish and chips at the Walnut Fish Bar (American visitors trying to get their heads around mushy peas a definite highlight) before seeing The Simpsons movie at the marvellous Zefirelli's cinema (
La direccion musical es de Marco Armiliato, a quien no conocia, y la produccion es del famoso Franco Zefirelli que disena la escenografia, conservadora, pero brillante para los que amamos la singular artificialidad de la opera tradicional.