Carl Zeiss

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Zeiss, Carl


Born Sept. 11, 1816, in Weimar; died Dec. 3, 1888, in Jena. German optician; founder of an optical firm in Jena.

Zeiss moved to Jena in 1834 and became an apprentice of the noted optician F. Körner, a docent at the University of Jena. In 1838 he visited machine shops in Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Vienna, and Berlin. In 1846 he opened a workshop in Jena to produce magnifying glasses and simple microscopes. The workshop subsequently developed into a company for the manufacture of optical instruments. Zeiss engaged E. Abbe and F. O. Schott to work in the firm. Since 1948 the Zeiss Optical Works has been a people’s enterprise of the German Democratic Republic.

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The Snezka systems also have day CCD cameras for battlefield object search and a Carl Zeiss Optronik GmbH company (Oberkochen, Germany) laser rangefinder.
The Leica Geosystems ZVBA combines the Zeiss Optronik Halem laser rangefinder, Leica SG12 Digital Goniometer and Sagem Matis thermal imager, and will have a digital data link to the Intaff artillery command and control system.
Zeiss Optronik developed its CE 658 laser rangefinder specifically for antiaircraft applications.
The submarine is equipped with a Zeiss Optronik (Oberkochen, Germany) OMS 100 non-hull-penetrating optronics mast accommodating a CCTV camera and a thermal imager; a Zeiss Optronik SERO 400 optical attack periscope with optical rangefinder; TV and low-light-level TV, both developed together with Denel Eloptro (Pretoria, SA); plus a Thomson Scanter navigation radar mast.