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Google Zeitgeist

The vast knowledge Google accumulates about the interests of the human race, which is based on the billions of things people search for on Google. "Zeitgeist" is German for "spirit of the times" (Zeit = time; geist = spirit, ghost), and Google is said to know the Zeitgeist of the world better than any other organization. See big data.
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(German) the spirit of a particular age. This is a term particularly employed in the study of 19th-century romanticism, and denotes the essential beliefs and feelings of a particular epoch. See also DILTHEY.
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Zeitgiest also contains highest searched subjects and topics.
Actors such as Yusra , Mustafa Qmar, Ashraf Zaki, and Samir Ghanem are potential co-stars in this film, that no doubt captures the zeitgiest of social networking and the Arab enthusiasm it attracts.

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