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According to AVX, both series offer right angle, zero insertion force connections.
You will likely see a zero insertion force (ZIF) lever near the CPU.
The prospective customer showed me the picture in FIGURE 1 and stated all three of his current flex circuit fabricators had built parts with this zero insertion force (ZIF) contact pattern.
The core system includes the 14-slot GX7102A PXI Chassis with six 6U and seven 3U peripheral slots; a 960-pin, zero insertion force, iCON-style UUT interface; the GX7920 Embedded Controller with Windows XP; eight analog inputs, four analog outputs, and eight adapter ID inputs; the GX6315 7-A Switch Card; the GX6616 Switch Matrix Card; the GX7400-A 300-W, dual-channel power supply; and the SMX2044 6.5-digit DMM.
Available from 21 to 39 circuits, the SMT ZIF (zero insertion force) connector includes spring features on the terminals, ensuring secure electrical contact is maintained even if the cable is pulled up or down after actuation.
The 6288 Series of secure lock zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors from AVX features a shaped cable construction for correct alignment.