Zhao Ziyang

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Zhao Ziyang


Chao Tzu-yang

(both: zhou zēyäng), 1919–2005, Chinese Communist leader. He joined the party in 1938, was active as a local party leader during World War II, and by the 1960s was party secretary of Guangdong prov. Persecuted during the Cultural RevolutionCultural Revolution,
1966–76, mass mobilization of urban Chinese youth inaugurated by Mao Zedong in an attempt to prevent the development of a bureaucratized Soviet style of Communism.
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, he held a variety of party posts after 1971, and was known for reviving agricultural and industrial production in Sichuan prov. A member of the Communist party Central Committee from 1973, he became premier in 1980 and joined the Standing Committee of the Politburo in 1982. Named general secretary of the party in 1987, he persisted in advocating economic reforms and an open foreign policy. Li PengLi Peng
, 1928–, Chinese Communist leader, premier of China (1988–98), b. Chengdu, Sichuan prov., China. Orphaned at age three when his father was executed by the Kuomintang, Li became the adopted son of Zhou Enlai.
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 succeeded Zhao as premier in 1987. Opposing a policy of repression, Zhao called for dialogue with the students demonstrating in Tiananmen SquareTiananmen Square,
large public square in Beijing, China, on the southern edge of the Inner or Tatar City. The square, named for its Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tiananmen), contains the monument to the heroes of the revolution, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of
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. Consequently, he was ousted from all posts on June 23, was placed under house arrest until Oct., 1989, and subsequently had his movements and visitors severely restricted until his death. Nonetheless, the economic reforms he promoted were ultimately adopted and led to sustained growth and development in China.


See his memoir, Prisoner of the State: The Secret Journal of Premier Zhao Ziyang (2009, tr. and ed. by B. Pu et al.).

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China rejoined the World Bank in 1980, and when Lim became its China representative some time later, his Chinese background and language skills (he came from a Philippine Chinese family) gave him relatively easy access to senior Chinese economists and decision-makers, including Zhao Ziyang himself.
Yet Deng invented the title "core," bestowing it on Jiang Zemin, whom he chose as the party leader after the tumult of the Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989 and the downfall of General Secretary Zhao Ziyang, who had sympathized with protesting students.
This alliance of resistance was what toppled previous reform-minded leaders Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang before the Tiananmen incident, when they were seen as jeopardizing Party control.
In a book published last year, Chen denied he was one of the masterminds behind the crackdown, but former Communist Party General Secretary Zhao Ziyang and former Premier Li Peng, in later years, both blamed Chen for the bloodshed in Tiananmen Square.
But Zhao Ziyang, the former communist party secretary who was purged and held under house arrest following the protests after he sympathized with students, blamed Chen for the tragedy in his memoir.
In a narrow street near Beijing's Forbidden City, security personnel patrolled outside the former house of Zhao Ziyang, the former communist party secretary who was purged and held under house arrest for perceived sympathy with the protesters.
In 1984 London formally agreed to surrender sovereignty over the entire territory, as Thatcher confirmed in a letter to Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang. Later she made her second trip to Beijing to sign the Joint Declaration at a ceremony in the Great Hall of the People.
In 1984 Thatcher and China's then-Premier Zhao Ziyang signed a declaration under which Britain agreed to hand over Hong Kong to China in 1997 after 156 years of British colonial rule.
It is expected that Ren, daughter-in-law of former Chinese premier, Zhao Ziyang, could attract lucrative deals for the bank.
Journal: Turning now to pro-reform figures in the Communist Party, Premier Wen Jiabao accompanied then-general secretary Zhao Ziyang to meet with protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989, but he did not suffer the same political fall from grace as Zhao.
Prisoner of the State: The Secret Journal of Premier Zhao Ziyang
El presidente del pais y secretario general del Partido Comunista, Hu Jintao --sucesor de Chen Duxiu (1921-1927), Mao Tse-tung (1943-1976); Hu Yaobang (1980-1987), Zhao Ziyang (1987-1989) y Jiang Zemin (1989-2000)--, dijo: "Mirando hacia atras al progreso que ha experimentado China en estos 90 anos, podemos llegar a una conclusion fundamental: que la clave para dirigir de forma adecuada los asuntos de China reside en el partido", en la solemne ceremonia desarrollada en el Gran Palacio del Pueblo.