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(Life), a prerevolutionary Russian literary and political journal. It was published in St. Petersburg from 1897 to 1901 and in London and Geneva in 1902. The actual leader of the journal, which became the organ of legal Marxism, was V. A. Posse. The journal printed the articles of M. I. Tugan-Baranovskii and P. B. Struve. V. I. Lenin contributed two articles to Zhizn’ denouncing revisionism and populist ideology (“Reply to Mr. P. Nezhdanov,” 1899, no. 12; “Capitalism in Agriculture,” 1900, nos. 1–2). The fiction section of the journal featured the works of M. Gorky (Foma Gordeev, Three, Song of the Stormy Petrel). A. P. Chekhov (“In the Ravine”), A. Serafimovich, Skitalets, E. N. Chirikov, I. A. Bunin, N. Garin-Mikhailovskii, and other democratic writers.


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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tyumen Region said in a message that representatives of companies such as Tyumen-Pribor LLC, Tyumen Machine-Building Plant (engaged in production of driven clutch disks for domestic and foreign freight and passenger vehicles), Zhizn company (engaged in peat and sapropel production) and SIBNA company (the latest technologies in the field of commercial accounting of energy resources) will be involved in the negotiations.
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Zhizn' odnogo vozhdia [2015], Stalin: A New Biography of a Dictator brings together two of the author's earlier, more academic works: Master of the House [2009] and Cold Peace [2004], the latter of which was published in collaboration with the British historian Yoram Gorlizki.
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"As for confrontation, I would not go that far," he said in an interview with the Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizn (or International Life) magazine.
"It is equivalent to a warning about health damage and the pictures on a packet of cigarettes," said Ekaterina Chistyakova, the head of Podari Zhizn, a large Russian charity that helps sick children, and which has campaigned against proposals to widen the remit of the foreign agent law. 
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