Zhong Acheng

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Zhong Acheng:

see Ah ChengAh Cheng
, pseud. of Zhong Acheng,
1949–, Chinese writer and painter. His father, the film critic Zhong Dianfei, was forced by the Communist government to sell his library of Chinese and Western classics, which Ah Cheng secretly read before delivering them to the
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The script alone, which he co-wrote with Hsieh Hai-meng, Zhong Acheng and his regular writing partner, Chu Tien-wen, took three years to finish, and was subjected to continual revisions based on the director's exhaustive research into key figures and cultural customs of the Tang dynasty.
SCREENPLAY, Flou, Chu Tien-wen, Flsieh Flaimeng, Zhong Acheng.