Chou-shan Archipelago

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Chou-shan Archipelago:

see Zhoushan ArchipelagoZhoushan Archipelago
, NE Zhejiang prov., China, in the East China Sea, at the entrance to Hangzhou Bay. It includes the main island of Zhoushan and about 100 lesser islands; Dinghai on Zhoushan is the major population center.
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, China.
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An unfinished bulk carrier Agenorvia has been purchased by Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard through an online auction arranged by Wuhan Maritime Court.
The Zhoushan fishing ground where the collision occurred is known as one of the biggest in the East China Sea, particularly for mackerel and croaker, according to Greenpeace.
GREEN HOUSE EFFECT: Island village in Zhoushan, China
Boeing and COMAC plan to open a joint venture facility in Zhoushan, China, that will install interiors and paint 737s before Boeing delivers these airplanes to Chinese customers.
The Cessna 208, operated by AVIC Joy General Aviation, was carrying 10 people from Shanghai's Jinshan district to Zhoushan, an island in the eastern province of Zhejiang, the district government said in a statement.
The Zhoushan-based Joy General Aviation, which owns the seaplane, was promoting a new shuttle and tour service from Jinshan beach to Shengsi County in Zhoushan archipelago.
Furthermore, the Company has a strong competitive advantage in boosting the national oil reserves since it owns huge oil storage bases in Shenzhen, Dalian and Zhoushan with a total storage capacity of over 15 million cubic meters and several terminals of 300,000 DWT.
The project was inspired by Premier Li Keqiang's visit in 2014 that called for a pilot 'mixed ownership' project led by private companies," said a senior industry source close to Rongsheng, referring to Li's visit to the city of Zhoushan, where the project will be located.
The storm made landfall in Zhoushan, a city just east of the port of Ningbo in Zhejiang province.
Typhoon Chan-Hom was packing winds of 162kph as it struck the city of Zhoushan, slowing from an earlier speed of 173kph in what could be the strongest storm since 1949.
The vessels are named Golden Beijing, Golden Zhoushan, Golden Magnum, Battersea, Belgravia, Golden Zheijang, Golden Future and KSL China and were built in Korea and China between 2009 and 2013.
The tanker will be built by COSCO in Zhoushan, China, to shuttle crude oil produced from the Santos and Campos basins off Brazil.