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Chin. Zhujiang, river, 110 mi (177 km) long, S Guangdong prov., S China. Formed at Guangzhou by the confluence of the Xi and Bei rivers, it flows E then S past Guangzhou and Huangpu island to form a large estuary between Hong Kong and Macau.
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, river.
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Project Name: Ultrasonic diagnostic instrument for the zhujiang hospital to the southern medical university
DIP export by the Huanghe, Chang Jiang and Zhujiang basins is relatively low (<60 kg [km.
The South China Plate comprises three depositional settings, which are arranged in WSW-ENE trending belts: Yangtze Platform, Jiangnan Slope and Zhujiang Basin.
KY Cheung, Atkins' senior design director, added: "Our design provides a dramatic visual impact, ensuring that the breathtaking view of the Zhujiang River is maximised for the occupants and the community behind the project as well.
El Gran Puente Gangzhuao cuya obra se inicio en 2009 y segun se preve se concluira en 2016, une por el este con Hong Kong y por el oeste con Zhuhai y Macao, se convertira en nuevo pasillo de transporte carretero que enlaza las orillas este y oeste del Zhujiang.
Morphometric analysis of commercially important penaeid shrimps from the Zhujiang estuary, China.
This research was conducted under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (50605022, 51075154), Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (2012ZZ0057), Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (06300160), Zhujiang Science Technology New Stars Foundation (2011J2200066), and Educational Commission of Hubei Province (Q20112602).
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Zhujiang Delta Area in Guangdong province, which belonged to the Dongjiang Guerrilla Area before 1949, and Quanzhou District in Fujian province, which was under the control of the Minzhong Guerrilla Area).
Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Zhujiang Hospital.