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Chin. Zhujiang, river, 110 mi (177 km) long, S Guangdong prov., S China. Formed at Guangzhou by the confluence of the Xi and Bei rivers, it flows E then S past Guangzhou and Huangpu island to form a large estuary between Hong Kong and Macao.
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, river.
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The biological properties of Exopalaemon carinicauda in Zhujiang river estuary.
According to the master plan of Wuxi city, Taihu New Town is prioritized under the urban development strategy to "relocate the city to the South and the industries to the North", targeting to become one of the most prosperous and potential districts inWuxi, which is of equivalence to Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou, Binghai New District in Tianjin, Qianjiang New Town in Hangzhou and Pudong New District in Shanghai.
Growth in China, if you will, metastasizes from one densely populated area to another--case in point: the Zhujiang Delta in the 1990s, the Yangtze Delta in the 2000s and, probably, Bohai Rim in the 2010s.
Invited speakers include Mr Zhang Yue, Inspector of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MHURD); as well as Mr Yue Zhongming, President of the Zhujiang (Pearl River) Water Commission; and Mr Li Dongjia, Party Secretary of Guangzhou Water Bureau from China.
has announced that Guangzhou Digital Media Group has formally launched Zhujiang Digital, a connected TV service powered by the Microsoft Mediaroom Internet Protocol television (IPTV) platform.
The preliminary approval, given by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, allows Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery, 28.
Prof Yin Fangming, 43, was shot near Zhujiang Hospital in Guangzhou after police stopped his car.
The heritage of Zhujiang is strong as it is one of three national beer brands in China.
2) Neuromedical Institute, Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, 510282, PRC
Starwood Announces Third W in China Starwood Hotels & Resorts says it is bringing its W brand to Guangzhou's Zhujiang New Town in 2010.
9% pure) was purchased from Guangzhou Golden Zhujiang Chemical.
In some cases, small enterprises' succeed in areas such as Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, the Zhujiang River delta and the Changjiang River delta, which has shown the positive spillovers of small enterprises' cluster effects.