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Chin. Zhujiang, river, 110 mi (177 km) long, S Guangdong prov., S China. Formed at Guangzhou by the confluence of the Xi and Bei rivers, it flows E then S past Guangzhou and Huangpu island to form a large estuary between Hong Kong and Macao.
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, river.
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With the launch of Zhujiang Digital Interactive TV service, the Guangzhou Digital Media Group is delivering a personalized and connected alternative to existing TV services," Yahua said.
Zhujiang Brewery, China's fifth-biggest beer maker, is seeking funds to expand as it competes with bigger rivals such as CR Snow and Tsingtao in the world's biggest beer market by sales.
com; or Xiao-yan Che at: Central Laboratory, Zhujiang Hospital, The Southern Medical University, Guangzhou 510282, Peoples Republic of China; fax 086-020-61643592; e-mail linche@pub.
Address for correspondence: Xiao-Yan Che, Center of Laboratory, Zhujiang Hospital, First Military Medical University, Guangzhou 510282, People's Republic of China; fax: 86-2061643592; email: linche@pub.
2-3), found in the Miocene Wanlugang and Zhujiang Formations in the
There are approximately 200 mills in the Guangzhou Zhujiang province of China that supply U.
Made by Zhujiang Film Studio based in the southern province of Guangdong, the screenplay went through more than 40 drafts by five groups of screenwriters, not atypical for a political movie in China, where former leaders' legacies are closely controlled.
Belgian company Interbrew is to buy a 24% share in the Chinese company Zhujiang Brewery, which is based in the Chinese province of Guangdong, the company said in a press release.
The film, directed by Ding Yinnan, was reportedly planned by the Chinese Communist Party's Central Party Literature Research Center, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, local authorities in Guangdong and Zhujiang Film Studio.
Conversely, Lin validates certain aspects of McGee's thesis through a detailed account of transportation developments and regional economic growth in Zhujiang Delta.
According to operations manager, Mr Li Bao Peng, Zhujiang Cement had previously used a comparably-sized competitive wheel loader at the mine.
1989), "Recent spatial restructuring in Zhujiang Delta, South China: a study of socialist regional development strategy", Annuals of Association of American Geographers, Vol.