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(Arabic and Persian for astronomical tables, manuals), astronomical tables, which, as a rule, included star catalogs; they were compiled in many countries of the Orient during the Middle Ages. Dozens of zij by different authors are known. The most complete are the Zij Il-Khani and the Zij Ulug Beg. The Zij Il-Khani is one of the principal works of the 13th-century Maragha Observatory. It was compiled under the direction and with the direct participation of the Azerbaijani astronomer Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (Nasireddin Tusi). It contains a catalog of the bright stars and an extensive preface, which includes geographic tables and tables of sines and tangents, generally accurate to the fifth decimal point.

The Zij Ulug Beg, one of the most complete and detailed zij, was compiled in Ulug Beg’s observatory in Samarkand. It contains a catalog of the positions of 1,018 stars in the ecliptic coordinate system, most of which were obtained from observations in Samarkand. The introduction contains a compendium of astronomical knowledge in the Orient in the 15th century and includes numerous tables for astronomical calculations. Among these, the tables of sines and tangents are accurate, as a rule, to the ninth decimal point. The Zij Ulug Beg represents the highest stage achieved by Oriental astronomy before the beginning of optical observations.


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To celebrate I gave a zij whose charts are like the measuring vessels by which the span of life exacts its due.
Ook de contracten met sponsors en media zullen opnieuw onderhandeld worden en het is maar de vraag of zij een winter-WK wel zo interessant vinden.
Maar er bleef een ding over waarmee deze blanke zondaars zich niettemin verrieden: zij gaven aan hun verborgen kinderen een opvoeding die de kinderen en ook henzelf verdacht maakte in de ogen van anderen .
With these observations he and his astronomers were also able to discern errors in the Tabulae Astronomicae of the French astronomer, Phillip de la Hire, which incidentally are the same tables that a host of writers--right from William Hunter, the first European to study the Zij in detail--insist were adopted full-scale by Jai Singh.
This was more likely achieved with the aid of a pinhole-image device designed and utilised in the Maragha Observatory, which he describes in his own zij.
Zij zijn den voornaamsten inzet van een beslissende partij die tussen land en stad gespeeld wordt.
Zij hebben ook de taak voor, tijdens en na een wedstrijd onmiddellijk maatregelen te nemen om ongeregeldheden te voorkomen of te beeindigen.
Donde se define a Zij como una variable indicador, con valores de 1 si [y.
where [phi] is standard normal density function; k indexes independent variable; a,b,c are estimates of [alpha], [beta], [gamma] and Xi, Zij are sample means of Xi, Zij.
A partir de sus elementos Zij es posible definir las resistividades aparentes y las diferencias de fase entre E y H.
25) For example, the accounts of Oudenaarde for 1553-4 record a compensation to 'all the rhetoricians of the chamber of rhetoric of Pax Vobis of this very town, because they took pains and laboured much for the teaching, instruction and moral education of all people, having shown, with figures and rhetorically, the play of the vineyard and the stoning of Naboth the Israelite' ('De ghemeene retorichienen van de camer van der retorijcken van Pax Vobis binnen deser stede, van dat zij groot last ende debvoir ghedaen hebben, tot leeringhe, onderwijsinghe ende ghestichtichede van alle menschen, figuerlic in retorijcke vertoocht hebben tspel van den wijngaert ende steenijnghe van Naboth den ijsraelijt'); B.