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(Zn,Mn)O A deep-red to orange-yellow brittle mineral; an ore of zinc. Also known as red oxide of zinc; red zinc ore; ruby zinc; spartalite.



a mineral of the class of simple oxides. Zincite, with the chemical composition ZnO, usually contains admixtures of MgO (up to 9 percent), PbO (up to 5.3 percent), and FeO (up to 1.1 percent). It crystallizes in the hexagonal system. It usually occurs in the form of granular aggregates; zincite crystals are rare. The color ranges from orange-yellow to dark red. The hardness on Mohs’ scale is 4–5, and the density is 5,640–5,680 kg/m3. A semiconductor, zincite is found in recrystallized limestones of contact metasomatic deposits, in which it is associated with willemite, franklinite, and other rare minerals. Zincite is mined in the USA, at Franklin, N.J., as a zinc ore. It has also been discovered in several lead-zinc deposits.

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The dominant phases identified by XRD analysis are zincite, franklinite and magnetite.
12] reported that the main component found in 11 samples was galena (PbS) while, for the remaining 12 samples, the main component was found to be one of the following: amorphous carbon, zincite (ZnO), sassolite ([H.
In duct tape adhesives any of the following may be found: calcite, dolomite, kaolinite, talc, titanium dioxide, and zincite.
0 [*] (H) Building Crystalline (synthetic) phases Bonner House (e) Rutile, quartz, kaolinite, calcite, zincite, hydrocerussite, plattnerite or anatase Kennedy Chapel (e) Rutile, quartz, calcite, zincite, barite, hydrocerussite Kennedy Chapel (i) Rutile, quartz, zincite, calcite, anhydrite, anatase Melson Hall (e) Rutile, calcite, anhydrite, barite Honors House (e) Rutile, quartz, calcite, zincite, barite, hydrocerussite, plattnerite or anatase Adamson Hall (e) Rutile, quartz, calcite, zincite, barite, hydrocerussite, talc, anatase, kaolinite Alumni House (i) Rutile, quartz, calcite, gypsm Alumni House (e) Rutile, quartz, calcite, gypsum Mandeville Hall (e) 1935 4.
Franklin and Sterling Hill have also produced some of the finest crystal specimens known of several mineral species, notably franklinite, zincite, willemite, and rhodonite.
The ZnO nanoparticles have a zincite crystal structure and are rod-shaped, with lengths of 100-200 nm and diameters of 20-70 nm (Figure 1C).
There follows the book's longest chapter, "Less Common Species," which offers nearly a hundred pages of short accounts of minerals ranging from adamite and algodonite (a copper arsenide) through weloganite, whewellite, wulfenite, xonotlite, yugawaralite, zincite, zunyite (and many others even within the sequence WXYZ)--all considered in light of their potentials as ornamental materials.
The latter may have mistaken the red zincite in the outcrops for cuprite: a Dutch document from 1669 mentions "copper" deposits along the Wallkill.
183, Munich 81735), where the specialty item was man-made zincite.
The following standards were used: sanidine (K K[alpha]), cuprite (Cu K[alpha]), diopside (Ca K[alpha]), nichromite (Ni K[alpha]), zincite (Zn K[alpha]), synthetic [Cd.