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see TiwTiw
, Norse Tyr
, ancient Germanic god. Originally a highly revered sky god, he was later worshiped as a god of war and of athletic events. He was identified with the Roman war god Mars, and among Germanic peoples Mars' day became Tiw's day (Tuesday).
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god of victory in war. [Norse Myth.: Leach, 1147]
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, Tyr
a port in S Lebanon, on the Mediterranean: founded about the 15th century bc; for centuries a major Phoenician seaport, famous for silks and its Tyrian-purple dye; now a small market town. Pop.: 141 000 (2005 est.)
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Si puo dimostrare pero che solo raramente c'e un contatto linguistico diretto fra l'osservatore narrante e gli indigeni; anche moltissime forme locali e date come assolutamente tali sono gia la forma corrente di una lingua franca a base spagnola o portoghese, che in quanto tale e ormai piu facilmente assimilabile e pronunciabile e che quindi e accettata come tale anche dagli stessi locali: "Una sorte di vincigli molto forti, che li Giapponesi chiamano ziu e quelli dell'Isole Filippine vesciuco [spagnolo bejuco 'liana']"; "Questi tali quadri sono chiamati in lingua giapponese biobus [portoghese biombos 'paraventi']".
Open Competition: Supply kits that include body (new ground, glazing, painting), assembly units for repair chassis, pneumatic, electric trolley buses for the implementation of the CWR-682 ZiU accounted for on the balance sheet MUP "ChelyabGET"
3) Dozens of off-campus students gather yesterday on Caro Street as City Councilor Barbara Haller, center left, speaks with College Street resident Dominika Ziu.