Zlatni Piasutsi

Zlatni Piasutsi


(Golden Sands), a resort in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea, 16 km north of Varna. One of the best seaside resorts in the world, it essentially has been rebuilt during the years of the people’s rule. The winter is mild in Zlatni Piasutsi; the mean temperature in January is 2°C. The summers are extremely warm; the mean temperature in July is 22.5°C. The annual precipitation is approximately 430 mm. There is an excellent beach with fine sand (width, 200 m; length, 4 km).

Climatic therapy, sunbaths, swimming, mud cure, and grape cure are among the treatments at Zlatni Piasutsi. Treatment is available for people suffering from nontuberculous respiratory illnesses, functional disorders of the nervous system, anemia, overwork, and other ailments. The resort has sanatoriums, boardinghouses, houses of rest, and facilities for hydrotherapy. There are also comfortable hotels, athletic facilities, and a park. Gardens and vineyards are located nearby. The resort Druzhba is 7 km from Zlatni Piasutsi.


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