Znamia Truda

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Znamia Truda


(The Banner of Labor). (1) A newspaper, the central organ of the party of the Socialist Revolutionaries (SR). It was published at irregular intervals from July 10 (23), 1907 to April 1914 at first illegally in Russia, and from August 1908 in Paris. A total of 53 issues were published. The editors of the newspaper included members of the party’s Central Committee, such as N. D. Avksent’ev, G. A. Gershuni, and V. M. Chernov.Znamia Truda espoused individual terror and supported an alliance with the bourgeois liberals. It opposed the Bolsheviks.

(2) A daily political and literary newspaper, the central organ of the left-wing SR’s. It was published from Aug. 23 (Sept. 5), 1917 in Petrograd and from Mar. 15, 1918, in Moscow. The editors of the newspaper included V. V. IvanovRazumnik, B. D. Kamkov, and M. A. Spiridonova.Znamia Truda criticized the bourgeois Provisional Government and the leadership of the right-wing SR’s. Although it approved the decrees of the Great October Socialist Revolution, it condemned the establishment of a proletarian dictatorship in Russia. In spring 1918 the newspaper came out in opposition to the Bolsheviks and V. I. Lenin, as well as to the signing of the Brest-Litovsk Treaty. Publication of Znamia Truda ceased in July 1918 after the left-wing SR rebellion.

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