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A low, plain base course for a pedestal, column, or wall; a plain plinth.
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"Honey and smoke in the nose," said Paul Zocco, "it's a little sweet, but good."
"Good nose, and good flavor," said Paul Zocco of Zok's Homebrewing.
"Very clean, nicely made and perfectly drinkable," said Paul Zocco.
"Dark fruit and phenols," said guest taster and homebrew shop owner Paul Zocco.
"Lagery nose," said homebrew shop owner Paul Zocco. "A beautiful clean aroma, they are making a very nice session beer here."
"Floral notes in the nose," said Paul Zocco. "Body is malty sweet from beginning to end."
"Touch of mint in aroma," said homebrew shop owner Paul Zocco.
"Sweet, maybe too much sweetness, but refreshing," said Paul Zocco.
"They do make unbelievable dry hopped beers," said Paul Zocco, "and this is another great one."
"Flavors muted, but it is nice and dry," said Paul Zocco.
"Fine choice of hops," said homebrew store-owner Paul Zocco. "And lots of pleasing dry chocolate and roasty flavors.
"Clean, and has some good body to it," said Paul Zocco.