zodiacal band

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zodiacal band:

see zodiacal lightzodiacal light
or zodiacal band,
a faint band of light sometimes seen in the western sky just after sunset in the spring, extending up from the horizon at the point where the sun has just set, or in the eastern sky just before sunrise in the autumn.
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For the zodiacal light, the zodiacal band, and the gegenschein are glows created by sunlight that is reflected and scattered by dust particles, typically of submillimeter or micron size, lying in or near the plane of the inner solar system.
The farther one looks from the Sun, the dimmer the zodiacal light gets, until it tapers into the exceedingly faint zodiacal band.
For example, the solid particles in the interplanetary medium are revealed by seeing the zodiacal light (the easiest way), the gegenschein, or the zodiacal band (the hardest).
Finally, not many scholars seem to be aware that the 12 astrological signs were not confined to just the 16|degrees~-wide zodiacal band.