Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner

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Zöllner, Johann Karl Friedrich


Born Nov. 8, 1834, in Berlin; died Apr. 25, 1882, in Leipzig. German astrophysicist.

Zöllner became a professor at the University of Leipzig in 1866. His principal works dealt with astronomical photometry. Zöllner designed a photometer for visual determinations of the brightness of celestial bodies. With the aid of a spectroscope, he made some of the first observations of the prominences on the sun. Zöllner also produced studies on the structure of comets and of the solar atmosphere.


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In the core of the CVA, Permian granitoids intrude the Carboniferous rocks, while Permo-Mesozoic sequences of the Neuquen Basin appear on the shallow dipping eastern flank of the CVA (see Zollner and Amos, 1973; Zanettini, 2001; Rovere et al.