Zoltán Várkonyi

Várkonyi, Zoltán


Born May 13, 1912, in Budapest. Hungarian director and actor. People’s Artist of the Hungarian People’s Republic (1962).

Várkonyi graduated from the Theater Academy (Budapest). He began his stage career in 1935. In 1962 he became chief director of the Vigszinhaz Theater (Budapest). He has appeared in motion pictures since 1934, playing primarily character roles. Since 1951 he has also worked as a film director. He made the films Western Zone (1951), Day of Rage (1953), A Special Sign (1955), Column of Salt (1958), Haber’s Studio (1963), Sons of a Stone-hearted Man (1965, based on the work by M. Jókai), and others. Varkonyi has been awarded the Kossuth Prize (1953, 1956).