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, zombi
1. a supernatural spirit that reanimates a dead body
2. a corpse brought to life in this manner
3. the snake god of voodoo cults in the West Indies, esp Haiti, and in scattered areas of the southern US
4. the python god revered in parts of West Africa
5. a piece of computer code that instructs an infected computer to send a virus on to other computer systems
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What does it mean when you dream about a zombie?

A person in a dream who acts like a zombie could indicate one or more “emotionally dead” persons in one’s life, people who have a devitalizing influence on one’s vitality and enthusiasm.

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(operating system)


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A computer that has been covertly taken over in order to perform some nefarious task. It is estimated that millions of PCs around the world have become zombies and, under the control of a third party, routinely transmit messages unbeknownst to the user.

Zombies are widely used to relay spam so that messages come from thousands of different IP addresses, avoiding detection and expanding volume at the same time.

Denial of Service
Before spam became such a popular pastime, zombies were used to transmit phony messages to a server in order to slow down service and disrupt the network. A "pulsing zombie" is one that sends bogus messages in periodic bursts rather than continuously to avoid detection. See zombie bot, zombie language, zombie script, zombie scrolling, zombie VM, spam, denial-of-service attack and botnet.
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Dreaming about the living dead may carry a powerful message. If you are “walking around like a zombie, ” it usually means that you are emotionally disconnected from things going on around you. You may be experiencing unhealthy detachment and be unable to appropriately feel positive or negative emotions. Currently, you may be out of touch and outside of the main flow of life. This dream could positively sever you and help you to become aware of emotional issues and circumstances in daily life that are difficult to face.
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After you've burned up a bunch of Zombie ammo in your Zombified guns shooting at Zombie targets, would you clean your Zombie slayer with a regular cleaning kit?
"zombified" nukes, which can be made ready to launch in less than six months
FORMER JLS star Oritse Williams raped a "zombified" fan in his hotel room after she watched him perform in a nightclub, a court heard yesterday.
In the final scene of season seven, the White Walkers burst through the great ice Wall of Westeros, launching their march on the Seven Kingdoms, with Daenerys Targaryen's zombified ice dragon in tow.
Wrexham town inspector Vic Powell told how he had his head in his hands when photos of people "zombified" on the synthetic cannabinoid - also known as black mamba - made national headlines last year.
Special effects-laden destruction, including eerie scenes of crowds running for their lives through the streets of London, is peppered with intense combat sequences involving the eponymous villain's zombified underlings.
And she loved it and couldn't put it down - not in the zombified way that so enrages some of the older generations, but with genuine glee and excitement at being able to text her friends and share cute pictures of puppies and the like.
Even if he doesn't end up shooting "chainsaws out of his knee caps," I still expect a zombified monster that no longer fears death.
A surprisingly sober entry in the Tribeca Film Fest's midnight section, and an even more surprising winner of its narrative feature audience award, this stripped-down survivalist drama about a woman carrying on after a virus has killed and/or zombified most of humanity is probably too low on conventional action to satisfy mainstream horror fans.
Finally, to absolutely slay the competition, take a deep breath and zap them with Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Subhumanoid Zombified Living Living Dead-Part 3!
THIRD in the Spanish horror series, where a wedding reception is rather spoiled by zombified guests.
A zombified New York art world (whose members played themselves) restlessly searches for the next hot locale, ludicrously ending up in the same Governors Island cinema burdened by nostalgia: They watch 1960s performance-art films and sing Bryan Adams's "Summer of '69" in unison.