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The IWMB drew the court's attention to a report from the World Wildlife Federation Pakistan and said that a marsh crocodile was being kept in deplorable condition at the zoo and, according to experts, may not survive if the zoo's environment is not improved.
The zoo in the capital earlier served as a sanctuary of animals gifted by friendly countries of Pakistan which was later turned into a zoo owing to the growing size of the species.
He said the zoo decided to get two female elephants because the males turn aggressive during the breeding season and become difficult to handle.
These measures aim to improve the zoo conditions and develop it to be listed as one of the world's best zoos.
Hsinchu Zoo director Yang Chia-min said that animals in the zoo will have larger space to move about and rest in the future, and visitors will be able to see the animals at closer range, according to the report.
Along with the cameras, four 56-inch-wide screens have also been placed in the monitoring room of the zoo for better surveillance.
In addition to providing a closer look at the zoo's 338 species and 1,130 individual animals, the Binocular Borrow program also gives zoo guests the opportunity to observe native bird species.
We should have at least a few zoos so that endangered animals could be protected to breed and increase.
Chester Zoo is always taking donations towards its vital conservation work in the zoo and around the world.
Pilipinas International 2017 then announced that she would apply as a zoo volunteer.
A source shared that the conditions for the animals and birds are deteriorating in the zoo as most of them suffer from breathing problems.