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The experiment was conducted in the Sector of Goat Farming of the Department of Zootechny (DZO) from the Center for Agricultural Sciences (CCA) of the Federal University of Piaui (UFPI), city of Teresina, whose geographical coordinates are: latitude 05[degrees]05'21" S, longitude 42[degrees]48'07" W, and altitude of 74.
Thirty-six geriatric, small-size dogs, 15 females and 21 males of different breeds (Table 1), obtained from the Surgery Service of the Veterinary Hospital of the Veterinary Medicine and Zootechny School of Sao Paulo University were included in the study.
Personally for him, 2017 also became a jubilee, his 80th birthday Vasily Andreevich met in the ranks - as an active academician, authoritative scientist, professor of the department of private zootechny, breeding and breeding of animals of the faculty of technological management of StGAU, receiving congratulations from the university staff and the Governor of the Stavropol Territory.
2] 4,484 (1) Analyses performed in the Laboratory of Animal Nutrition of the Zootechny Department from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco; (2) Analyses performed in the Laboratory of Animal Nutrition of the Federal University of Vigosa, Minas Gerais State; (3) Cottonseed meal--Agropecufria Sao Jose.
Then Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, assistant professor of private zootechny Prudnikova Svetlana Sergeevna revealed interesting facts about horses, and showed how to properly use the harness.
In addition, PGATU organized field trips to the faculty of veterinary medicine and zootechny, the veterinary clinic "Vetline" and the laboratory for the development of agro-technologies and an excursion to the main building.
At the session, participants of the Agroschool visited practical classes in forestry, agronomy, agrotechnology, veterinary medicine and zootechny, which were conducted by the teachers of the RGATU and the Children's Ecological and Biological Center.