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/zorch/ 1. [TMRC] To attack with an inverse heat sink.

2. [TMRC] To travel with velocity approaching lightspeed.

3. [MIT] To propel something very quickly. "The new comm software is very fast; it really zorches files through the network."

4. [MIT] Influence. Brownie points. Good karma. The intangible and fuzzy currency in which favours are measured. "I'd rather not ask him for that just yet; I think I've used up my quota of zorch with him for the week."

5. [MIT] Energy, drive, or ability. "I think I'll punt that change for now; I've been up for 30 hours and I've run out of zorch."

6. [MIT] To flunk an exam or course.

7. Computing power.
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BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 13, 2018-Petsky Prunier advises Zorch International on sale to Satori Capital
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 13, 2018-Petsky Prunier advises Zorch International on sale to Satori Capital
That caused many more problems, as a wiring polarity error could instantly zorch an expensive 12-volt car stereo, and woe to the guest from town who unknowingly plugged a 120 VAC appliance into a 12-volt outlet
To celebrate this exciting new launch from LEGO, 12 winners will each win a full set of the nine Series 1 Mixels characters, including Flain, Vulk, Zorch, Krader, Seismo, Shuff, Teslo, Zaptor and Volectro (RRP PS3 each).
Meanwhile, what began as a 'free festival' in 1974, with a band called Zorch and 500 celebrants, was now attracting 30-40,000, with a convoy from the women's Greenham Peace Camp, a pyramid stage run by Hawkwind and bikers burning cars.
From the date of discovery, the average drug takes more than 12 years to receive FDA marketing approval--and much of that lengthy time frame is actually due to the pharmaceutical companies' internal processes, claims Zorch Software.
ZORCH - Energy, drive or ability and used in varying forms as in "The new comm software is very fast; it really zorches files.
Most squadrons were going to launch, zorch around for 10 or 15 minutes to burn their gas, then head directly to marshal.
In those early days, there was barely enough computer horsepower measured, for instance, in MIPS, millions of instructions per second) to handle the task at hand, and thus there was precious little zorch left over to support the user in accessing the functionality.
Color, ample hard disk space, abundant zorch, wireless connectivity, even lightweight batteries are just a blink away.
Slots and ports, sufficient cpu zorch, memory expansion capability are not frills; remember that you are buying computers that will last for 8 to 10 years.
04 per diluted share) pretax charge related to in-process research and development associated with FCG's acquisition of Zorch, Inc.