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a family of Russian painters and graphic artists.

Fedor Evtikhievich Zubov. Died 1689. Painter. He worked in the Armory in Moscow. His preserved works include a mural at the Novospasskii Monastery in Moscow, miniature paintings for the Interpretive Gospel (1678, the Armory), and several icons.

Ivan Fedorovich Zubov. Born 1667; died after 1744. Son of F. E. Zubov. Engraver.

I. F. Zubov studied icon painting at the Armory in 1695 and 1696. He studied engraving with A. Shkhonebek from 1703 to 1705. He became an apprentice to P. Picard at the Moscow Printshop in 1708. Employing the technique of line engraving, Zubov produced views of St. Petersburg, battle scenes, portraits, and designs. Among his works are hmailovo and a portrait of Peter I (1721, from an engraving by la. Khaubraken).

Aleksei Fedorovich Zubov. Born 1682; died after 1750. Son of F. E. Zubov. Engraver.

A. F. Zubov studied icon painting at the Armory from 1695 to 1700. He was a student of A. Shkhonebek from 1701 to 1705; he subsequently became Shkhonebek’s assistant. Zubov lived in St. Petersburg until his move to Moscow in 1732. He engraved primarily from his own drawings, employing the techniques of line engraving on the etching ground and, less frequently, mezzotint. He executed approximately 100 plates, including portraits, maps, and representations of fireworks, battles, and allegorical scenes. His works include a portrait of Peter I (etching, line and stipple engraving, 1712) and The Battle ofGronhamn (line engraving, 1721). Zubov’s finest works are his architectural landscapes of St. Petersburg (for example, A Panorama of St. Petersburg, line engraving, 1716), which also serve as a valuable source for the study of the architecture of the city during the Petrine period.

Zubov’s mature works are characterized by a combination of linear perspective and axonometric projection. Zubov greatly influenced the development in Russian art ofvedut, in which city scapes and architectural ensembles are depicted.


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