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see reproductionreproduction,
capacity of all living systems to give rise to new systems similar to themselves. The term reproduction may refer to this power of self-duplication of a single cell or a multicellular animal or plant organism.
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a cell formed as a result of the fusion of gametes. The term “zygote” was introduced by the German botanist E. Strassburger. As distinct from gametes, a zygote has a diploid (double) set of chromosomes. The zygote develops directly after fertilization or, as in many algae and fungi, takes on a thick covering and becomes a dormant spore, often called a zygospore, for some time.

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An organism produced by the union of two gametes.
The fertilized ovum before cleavage.
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All the patients were asked for permission to include their 3PN zygotes in the study.
Data on proportion of morula or blastocyst stages are presented as ratio of the numbers of morula or blastocysts to the number of cleaved zygotes.
The zygotes were fixed with 3% paraformaldehyde and 0.01% Triton X in 100 mM PIPES buffer (pH 6.8) containing 5 mM EDTA and 1 mM Mg[Cl.sub.2] (pH 6.8) at 4[degrees]C (slightly modified from Pielak et al.
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Instead, the zygote utilized the maternal copy of the gene with the normal sequence as a template for repairing the DNA cut in the paternal copy produced by CRISPR.
To determine whether the SAC is engaged in response to oxidative stress damage in zygotes, we examined the localization of mitotic arrest deficient 2-like 1 (MAD2L1; also known as MAD2) and the protein kinase TTK by immunofluorescence staining.
Sylwester wants names on documents in support of zygotes? Instead, I suggest that he show responsibility by signing his name in support of legislation that supports reproductive health and safety.
Therefore, even if the current state of technology does not permit the therapeutic correction of genetic diseases by means of editing via zygote injection, the two approaches suggested by Porteus and Dann could be attempted, even for genetically dominant diseases.
Section 57(3) provides that '[n]o person may import or export human zygotes or embryos without the prior written approval of the Minister.
The culture of ovine zygotes in IMO with two highly efficient ruminant embryo culture media (SOFaaciBSA and SOFaaBSA), viability of explanted oviduct, cultured zygotes development and quality of resulted embryos have not been studied to date.