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1. a small spherical or ovoid mass of a medicinal substance, intended to be swallowed whole
2. the Informal an oral contraceptive



a solid medicinal dosage form for internal use. Pills are globules of a homogeneous plastic substance that contains the medicine; they range in weight from 0.1 to 0.5 g. Since tablets, lozenges, and capsules are more convenient forms of medication, pills are rarely used in modern practice.

What does it mean when you dream about a pill?

If the pill is a vitamin, then swallowing a pill in a dream might reflect a desire to take care of one’s health. Taking a pill can be a metaphor for accepting something unpleasant—”swallowing a bitter pill.” Pills could be a reference to “The Pill” used in birth control, and sometimes irritating people are referred to as “pills.”


A microwave stripline termination.
A small, solid dosage form of a globular, ovoid, or lenticular shape, containing one or more medicinal substances.
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It was another frustrating game for the Robins, who have now won just once in eight league matches away from Latham Park and this latest defeat to their bitter rival was a bitter pill to swallow for their supporters.
Rams boss Phil Brown said: "Seth's bitterly disappointed - having put in that amount of work and come away with nothing is a bitter pill to swallow.
OLLY BARKLEY today reflected on England's latest RBS 6 Nations calamity and admitted: ``It is a bitter pill to swallow.
It was a bitter pill for the visitors to swallow as they had fought on gamely with 14 men from midway through the first period when Liam McLoughlin was sent off for retaliation.
And he thinks replacing Dodger Stadium is a bitter pill we might all have to swallow if a new ballpark with all the money-making amenities would help the ``economically disadvantaged'' club afford its ``primary obligation'' - winning.
While the current earthquake policies offered in California are a bitter pill for many consumers to swallow, the market is improving for homeowners.
ONE of Belfast's most famous sons gave the city a bitter pill to swallow yesterday.
Blaming unforgivable episodes on excessive stress doesn't cut it when the average individual is forced on most jobs to swallow a bitter pill for arriving late to work.
Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, "The loss of the funds invested with Goldinger remains a bitter pill for the Company to swallow and is an unfortunate blemish on or Company's record.
Bohinen, who has struggled to hold down a first team place, said: "The result was a bitter pill to swallow.