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a path specially made for riding on horseback



a narrow lane cut through a forest. Rides are made to designate the boundaries of compartments or to serve construction purposes (the laying of power lines and conduits). Rides divide a forest into economic units for exploitation, registration, economic planning and organization, control of forest fires, and transport of timber. A ride is usually 4–8 m wide. Rides established for fire-fighting purposes (sometimes called fire roads in the U. S.) may be as wide as 20 m.

What does it mean when you dream about riding?

Riding in a dream—be it in a car, train, ship—may indicate that the dreamer is seeking a destination. Alternatively, it may reveal that the dreamer is in a relationship or other situation that he or she feels is going nowhere, and it may require that they “ride it out” for awhile.

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After the show, he said: 'I had quite a rough ride from the good citizens of Aberystwyth.'
He said: "Politics is a rough ride. It's a rough ride from beginning to end and you've got to do what you think is right and see it through.
He added: "I can confirm that we were notified of a rough ride on the up fast line and we went to inspect the up line and didn't find anything wrong with it."