[¦al·fə ′sel·yə‚lōs]
(organic chemistry)
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Hemicellulose is the difference between holocellulose and a-cellulose holocellulose [31].
Torget, "Heterogeneous aspects of acid hydrolysis of a-cellulose," Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, vol.
The CE sample presented a higher lignin content and lower percentage of a-cellulose compared to CP.
The last stage of degradation occurred at the temperature range of 340380[degrees]C which indicates the degradation of a-cellulose from the fibre.
A total of 1,680 abalone were randomly distributed among 24 containers (70 per container) and fed one of eight diets, including seven experimental diets containing different types of carbohydrates, including dextrin (DT), glucose (GC), corn starch (CS), a-cellulose (CL), maltose (MT), sucrose (SC), and wheat flour (WF), and Undaria to compare effect of experimental diets.
As shown in Figure 1, compared with untreated samples, content of holocellulose and a-cellulose of treated wood decreased gradually as temperature increased and dropped markedly above 200[degrees]C.
This removal can be seen in Table 3, which shows the reducing of lignin and hemicelluloses content and increase of cellulose, holocellulose and a-cellulose.
Keywords: a-cellulose sugarcane bagasse and scraping physicochemical properties disintegrant release properties.
The chemical composition analysis of raw eucalyptus pulp revealed that the holocellulose, acid insoluble lignin, a-cellulose, and hemicellulose were 95.71%, 0.09%, 84.64%, and 11.07%, respectively.
Chemically, bagasse contains about 50% a-cellulose, 30% pentosans, and 2.4% ash.
Scouring (NaOH concentration [less than] 10%) is a purifying treatment of cotton a-cellulose, removing impurities such as waxes, pectins, hemi-celluloses, and mineral salts.