[¦al·fə ′naf‚thȯl]
(organic chemistry)
C10H7OH Colorless to yellow powder, melting at 96°C; used to make dyes and perfumes, and in synthesis of organic molecules.
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Physicochemical properties were determined using the following methods: phenol-sulfuric acid test [13], a-naphthol reaction [14], iodination reaction [15], Fehling's test [16], carbazole reaction [17], Fe[Cl.sub.3] reaction [18], and Coomassie brilliant blue reaction [19].
The results from the phenol-sulfuric acid test, a-naphthol reaction, iodination reaction, Fehling's test, carbazole reaction, Fe[Cl.sub.3] reaction, and Coomassie brilliant blue test were presented.