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(programming, tool)
(Dutch for "earth") A tool to check memory use for C++ programs, written by Steve Reiss <spr@cs.brown.edu> (who names his programs after living systems).

Aard tracks the state of each byte of memory in the heap and the stack. The state can be one of Undefined, Uninitialised, Free or Set. The program can detect invalid transitions (i.e. attempting to set or use undefined or free storage or attempting to access uninitialised storage).

In addition, the program keeps track of heap use through malloc and free and at the end of the run reports memory blocks that were not freed and that are not accessible (i.e. memory leaks).

The tools works using a spliced-in shared library on SPARCs running C++ 3.0.1 under SunOS 4.X.

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Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves were plotted for data from the CTD screen alone or in combination with the other assays, in order to assess their diagnostic abilities to distinguish between the AARD groups and the control group.
Although multiple studies have been performed worldwide and evidence has been provided to suggest that anti-DFS70 antibodies are not associated with AARD, there is no literature or study that is specific to New Zealand.
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This Autonomous Airborne Refuelling Demonstration (AARD) employed GPS-based relative navigation by Sierra Nevada and an optical tracker by Octec.
Tegnologiese begrippe of woorde wat herhaaldelik voorkom, verwys na die onbetroubare aard van 'n verhouding, maar ook na die onwegdoenbaarheid van onthou: As ek jou ooit sou verloor Soos wat 'n mens 'n file delete, Sal ek in die rescue files van die digkuns Bly skandeer en versoek: herstel, herstel, herstel ...
Joop van Aard, vice president of operations, Europe, Middle East, and Africa said, "This combined solution from two of the leading broadband vendors is very flexible and scalable.
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Hierin word sy veelsydigheid geopenbaar deurdat hy daarin slaag om werke uit verskillende genres en van uiteenlopende aard byna ewe suksesvol te vertaal.