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In the analyzed animals, greater stratification and papillae number were observed in the coronary corium, the laminar corium of the abaxial wall and sole respectively.
The greatest numbers of individuals and highest levels of species richness and biodiversity of phytophagous insects and natural enemies were observed on the abaxial face on L.
petiole 5-31 mm long, smaller than the rachis; 2 extrafloral nectaries, brown, stipitate, digitiform, 1-2 mm long, located on the rachis, between the pairs of proximal leaflets; rachis 8-25 mm long; interfoliolar segments 3-12 mm long; leaflets discolorous, 3 pairs, chartaceous, adaxial surface villose, abaxial surface canescent, 10-60 X 5-30 mm, widely obovate, apex rounded, mucronate, base cuneate, venation penninervous.
Tipo 2g: Tricoma multicelular, base simple, uniseriado, conico hacia el apice, finalizando en una celula subulada, hacia la superficie adaxial sin ornamentacion y en la superficie abaxial en forma de papilas; cera en forma de costras o ausente (Fig.
La pubescencia es muy variable en cuanto a la longitud y distribucion de los pelos, con especimenes casi glabros hasta puberulentos en el tejido laminar entre venas de la cara abaxial.
Con respecto a los tricomas, se encontraron tres tipos en la superficie abaxial.
Anatomical Analysis (LM and SEM): In abaxial epidermis the leaf epidermal cells were irregular shaped having thick undulate walls, average length of epidermal cells was 160 (130-190) um and the average width was 72.
Although the thickness of the adaxial and abaxial surfaces of the leaves was similar for both biotypes (data not shown), the parenchymal thickness had a statistical difference for resistant and susceptible D.
El musculo abductor digital II (abductor digiti II), cilindrico, aguzado en su extremo distal, se origino en el ligamento colateral medial y borde del ligamento carpo palmar profundo y se inserto por un delgado tendon en abaxial de la base de la falange proximal del dedo II.