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the superior of an abbey of monks

What does it mean when you dream about an abbot?

Dreaming of the superior of a monastery may relate to authority, either secular or spiritual. It is sometimes a symbol of a spiritual guide.

References in classic literature ?
The Abbot turned his angry eyes away from them and bent them upon the accused, who met his searching gaze with a firm and composed face.
The brothers, who were English to a man, pricked up their ears at the sound of the homely and yet unfamiliar speech; but the Abbot flushed red with anger, and struck his hand upon the oaken arm of his chair.
The Abbot patted his foot and nodded his head, as one who passes a point but does not forget it.
The Abbot only sprang forward with shining eyes; but the chancellor and the master hung upon either arm and wrested him back out of danger's way.
Abbot described the comedy actress, who appeared alongside him as Blunderwoman on The Russ Abbot Show, as "a huge comedy talent" and "a woman of immense warmth and generosity".
Abbot joined former co-star Les Dennis and personalities including Paul Elliott of the Chuckle Brothers and soap star Cheryl Fergison to pay tribute to Emberg.
Abbot Point coal handling facility discharged contaminated water in the wake of Cyclone Debbie.
At present, Abbot Point has one operating terminal named Adani Abbot Point Terminal having firm take or pay contract for 50 mmtpa cargo.
Abbot brings experience in financial and management operations to the job, including capital market transactions, mergers, acquisitions and integration campaigns.
Members will receive an owners' badge to watch the horse at Newton Abbot as well as a share of the prize-money and entry to a ballot to see it run at other racecourses.
Abbot Downing was also commended for having a low client-to-relationship manager ratio (15:1) and for having a comprehensive platform for communicating with clients across generations.
The abbot and I each prayed for the church and, at his invitation, raised our hands and gave the Aaronic blessing together.