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in writing, arbitrary shortening of a word, usually by cutting off letters from the end, as in U.S. and Gen. (General). Contraction serves the same purpose but is understood strictly to be the shortening of a word by cutting out letters in the middle, the omission sometimes being indicated by an apostrophe, as in the word don't. Most abbreviations are followed by a period. Usage, however, differs widely, and recently omission of periods has become common, as in NATO and UN. Acronyms are combinations of the first letters/syllables in a group of words to form a new grouping of letters that can be pronounced as a word. A period is never used when apostrophes appear. A list of abbreviationsused in this encyclopedia may be found in the prefatory matter.
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And then, if an abbreviation consists of only the primary part of a word, then again one affixes a full stop at the end.
I did a completely nonscientific survey of how Google did coming up with meanings for various abbreviations randomly selected from Taber's list (I closed my eyes and picked).
Puzzle Pieces of the Past: Spanish Abbreviations 1500-1700
SIDS sudden infant death syndrome, abbreviation used as a word, like AIDS siege
Teaching needs to emphasise visualising or understanding of concepts (Boulet, 2007), for instance the abbreviation [m.
Coun Mariam Khan Clearly the tweeting and abbreviation queen is the new councillor for Washwood Heath, Mariam Khan.
Baker omits the "and" from Across the River and Into the Trees, making its abbreviation ARIT.
There's no shortage of ones and zeros in the computers where these point names live, so let's make the names easy to understand without the users having to decode abbreviations.
If you speak English, the words 'Arsenal' and 'Arsene Wenger' are funny enough without abbreviation as is the concept of teaching people to pass the ball around the midfield without making any tackles or scoring any goals.
Every time I come across an unexplained abbreviation, I feel like you're saying, "Every idiot knows these terms.
2A) we calculate parameters: adjustable table minimum height abbreviation [TH.
Credit Suisse Group (NYSE: CS) (SWX: CSGN) (ZHR: CSGN) has added the abbreviation AG to its name, thus changing its name to Credit Suisse Group AG, Thomson Financial has reported citing a statement by Swiss bourse operator SWX Swiss Exchange.

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