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Diagnostic examination by touch.



a method of medical examination of a patient. Palpation in the broad sense, for example, feeling the pulse, is mentioned as early as the works of Hippocrates; however, for examination of internal organs it became common in the second half of the 19th century, following the work of R. Laënnec, Joseph Ŝkoda, and V. P. Obraztsov. Palpation is based on tactile perception that results from moving and pressing the fingers or palm of the palpating hand. Tissues and organs are palpated to determine their position, size, shape, consistency, mobility, topographic interrelations, and tenderness.

Palpation may be superficial or deep. Superficial palpation is performed with one or both palms placed flat on the examined area of the skin, joints, heart, or other part of the body. Blood vessels are palpated with the tips of the fingers to determine fullness and the condition of the walls. Deep palpation is performed by special methods that differ for examination of the stomach, intestinal tract (sliding palpation, developed by Obraztsov), liver, spleen and kidneys, rectum, vagina, and other organs.


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At this stage of gestation the accuracy of this method to diagnose fetal numbers is close to the rectal abdominal palpation technique (Hulet, 1973: Chauhan et al.
Abdominal palpation - individual swellings can be felt for each kitten from about day 21 until about day 30, when it feels like one enlarged womb.
The Core Skills Trainer uses haptics to teach key dexterity and perceptual skills that are common to all health professions, such as abdominal palpation, breast and rectal exams, but that can only be learned by feeling.
Tenders are invited for Abdominal Palpation Maannequin for Leopard Maneuers during pregnancy
On abdominal palpation, a large soft to firm, slight tender mass was felt in the left lower pelvic region.
Post operative inflammation was graded on 1-3 scale (low/medium/high grade), change in behavioral manifestation including appetite, urination, defecation, mobility and responsiveness and tolerance to abdominal palpation.
Abdominal palpation was uncomfortable and she moaned when her side was touched.
4,7] Only two studies, done in 1972 and 1984, [8,9] have evaluated abdominal palpation for prediction of oligohydramnios, using an overall subjective feel of AFV as their palpation method.
Abdominal palpation in pregnancy is a routine procedure performed by midwives.
Tenderness was appreciable on abdominal palpation while a firm, painful mass was felt in the mid-caudal abdomen.

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