Heimlich maneuver

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Heimlich maneuver,

emergency procedure used to treat choking victims whose airway is obstructed by food or another substance. It forces air from the lungs through the windpipe, pushing the obstruction out. If the victim is standing, the rescuer wraps his (or her) arms around the victim's waist; making a fist with one hand and placing the thumb side of the fist against the abdomen just above the navel, the rescuer grasps the fist with the other hand and presses in with firm, quick, upward thrusts.
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Don't be afraid to give abdominal thrusts - ribs heal, brain damage from lack of oxygen to the brain is irreversible.
* Repeat steps 2 and 3 -- back blows and abdominal thrusts -- up to three times, or until you've dislodged what's in there, or they can breathe again.
If this doesn't work (it usually does) give up to five abdominal thrusts. "You do this by standing behind the person and placing a clenched fist between their belly button and the bottom of the breastbone," Joe adds.
A couple of abdominal thrusts later, and the dad, Los Angeles resident Paul Diamond, was breathing freely again.
It was an ignorant question as the abdominal thrusts for the relief of choking have clearly been a mainstay of successive All Black World Cup coaches, used in all of the last five tournaments.
* Choking: All camp staff should know how to initiate abdominal thrusts should someone present with an obstructed airway.
The real world need for the abdominal thrusts learned during a makeup class came at home on Super Bowl Sunday.
Repeat the abdominal thrusts up to 5 times if necessary.
After an unsuccessful attempt at the Heimlich maneuver, Officer Gray laid the now unconscious man on the floor and continued abdominal thrusts until the object became dislodged.