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Law qualified, competent, or authorized to do some specific act


(computer science)
A name for the hexadecimal digit whose decimal equivalent is 10.


A simple language for accountants.

["ABLE, The Accounting Language, Programming and Reference Manual," Evansville Data Proc Center, Evansville, IN, Mar 1975].

[Listed in SIGPLAN Notices 13(11):56 (Nov 1978)].
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Horan, Shortle, and Abler (2004) call the complementary BMP subsidization/WQT policy described above "double-dipping," and show under what circumstances double-dipping enhances the efficiency of NPS control.
The Iron Curtain becomes more threatening as the Soviets feel abler to stand their ground.
And however dedicated and able a teacher, he/she cannot provide the less academically able with the ability to achieve great grades; moreover, pupils' subject abilities differ as some are abler at "sciences", others at "arts"; without forgetting home backgrounds, which have such tremendous influences on a child's educational advancement.
Year after year, his simulated robots also evolved, spending less time in "infant" tadpole-like forms and more time in "adult" four-legged forms, becoming abler than ones with fixed body forms.
A much overlooked conceptualisation of resident attitudes is the early work by Butler (1975) who applied a matrix to help understand resident attitudes toward tourism initially developed by cultural geographers Abler, Janelle, Philbrick, and Sommer (1975) to describe cultural interaction (see Figure 3).
Teachers need to know what can be done with their materials and activities--and need, therefore, to be able themselves to model what responses may be expectable at A and at A* so that abler students can see their teachers as master craftspeople, just as trainee potters would expect their teacher to be able to throw a top-class pot.
Commercial society realises the Stoic virtues of independence and self-sufficiency: 'Every man, as the Stoics used to say, is first and principally recommended to his own care; and every man is certainly, in every respect, fitter and abler to take care of himself than of any other person' (Smith, 1982a, VI.
Ronald Francis Abler, Director of the International Geographical Union (IGU) praised the Tunisian experience in matters of fight against desertification, particularly in the Tunisian south.
has opted to "invest in many more teachers rather than abler ones.
Up to this time it is the Saxon British mainly [who] hitherto have cultivated with some manfulness: and when a manfuller class of cultivators, stronger, worthier, to have such land, abler to bring fruit from it, shall make their appearance,--they, doubt it not .
Aydelotte responded, "The most persistent objection to this breaking of the academic lock step, to giving abler students harder work, is our academic interpretation or misinterpretation of the idea of democracy.