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Law qualified, competent, or authorized to do some specific act


(computer science)
A name for the hexadecimal digit whose decimal equivalent is 10.


A simple language for accountants.

["ABLE, The Accounting Language, Programming and Reference Manual," Evansville Data Proc Center, Evansville, IN, Mar 1975].

[Listed in SIGPLAN Notices 13(11):56 (Nov 1978)].
References in classic literature ?
Endowed with a rare genius for intrigue which rendered him the equal of the ablest intriguers, he remained an honest man.
Monsieur, in person, heralded the fact to me; terminating his communication by an obliging expression of his desire that I should continue, as heretofore, his ablest assistant and most trusted friend; and a proposition to raise my salary by an additional two hundred francs per annum.
They took one of my ablest jokes and read it over carefully twice and then read it backwards.
The lawyer-in-chief of the Western Union was George Gifford, who was perhaps the ablest patent attorney of his day.
I am glad, by the way, to take this opportunity of requesting posterity never to believe on hearsay that anything has proceeded from me which has not been published by myself; and I am not at all astonished at the extravagances attributed to those ancient philosophers whose own writings we do not possess; whose thoughts, however, I do not on that account suppose to have been really absurd, seeing they were among the ablest men of their times, but only that these have been falsely represented to us.
Ginevra, much the ablest of Servin's pupils, was an object of intense jealousy.
Early known as one of the ablest English thinkers and philosophers, he was already opposing certain doctrines and practices of the Church when he was led to become a chief spokesman for King Edward and the nation in their refusal to pay the tribute which King John, a century and a half before, had promised to the Papacy and which was now actually demanded.
The spectral figures in the Dance of Death, the most frightful shapes that the ablest painter ever portrayed on canvas, never presented an appearance half so ghastly.
Yousaf Hassan, CEO Ignite said that we have successfully launched NIC Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar Karachi and now Quetta under the ablest leadership of Minister Anusha Rahman within stipulated time frame.
It is somewhat surprising that such significant curtailment of transparency was allowed by parliament even while almost all political parties were represented in the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms and its subcommittee through their ablest legislators.
The elections in 1970 resulted in the ablest house ever with an outstanding cabinet which was then replaced by manipulated ballots and third rate political leadership that the nation endures till today.
Fray Martin de Rada was the ablest among the first Augustinian brothers in the Philippines,' Alvarez said.