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Law qualified, competent, or authorized to do some specific act


(computer science)
A name for the hexadecimal digit whose decimal equivalent is 10.


A simple language for accountants.

["ABLE, The Accounting Language, Programming and Reference Manual," Evansville Data Proc Center, Evansville, IN, Mar 1975].

[Listed in SIGPLAN Notices 13(11):56 (Nov 1978)].
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But in this case the Holy Spirit was ably abetted by Benedict XVI.
The chapters on Africa and Asia ably contrast the differences in these areas of highest prevalence.
With best wishes for your magazine, which so ably explores the news and aims of the UN and many other world bodies.
The talented Jade Media partnership organized by Goldstein should compete ably in the internet world.
A temperance movement and a growing recognition of the need for theological education, both of which could be achieved more ably working in unison rather than separately, buttressed the call to missions.
The photographs ably serve to give context to one of America's great masters.
And while Reichek doesn't introduce any new languages, she sets old ones in play, mingling and juxtaposing the conventional with the novel and ably forging connections between the decorative and the intellectual--categories that Morris saw as regrettably divided, rather than joined, by technology.
Nanotechnologists have created a remark ably effective liquid-repelling surface that can also become, at the flick of a switch, a welcome mat for liquids.
As Kahn ably shows, the Rosicrucian hoax caused repercussions until the end of the eighteenth century and led to myths, including the belief that Mersenne and Descartes were Rosicrucians, that only now are being discredited through modern scholarship.
In a world of packaging, it is simply a man opening his mouth and singing with soul, ably backed by Cuban musicians Cachaito Lopez and Chucho Valdes and supporters ranging from the Manuel Galban to the Blind Boys of Alabama.
Due to the extensive experience of the authors, they ably identify several compelling points.