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That forced an aborted start, with the field doing another formation lap before the lights went out and Hamilton made a clean getaway.
MANU Tuilagi's aborted start to the season will extend to a second match as the Leicester centre's wretched run with injury continues.
Germany's Nico Hulkenberg caused the aborted start, and reduction of the race to 43 laps instead of 44, when he reported a loss of power and raised his hands.
That's the nature of racing though - we had two issues really, the aborted start in race one coupled with the longer first gear put too much strain on the clutch.
Confusion over an aborted start prompted Schumacher to switch off his engine on the grid, as the rest of the field left on a second formation lap.
The MG TF models may have been left over from the aborted start of production heralded in July last year.
And there was one aborted start because of the loud chants and constant whistling and booing.
He is most annoyed by the way Ferrari mechanics failed to cool down Schumacher's car after Sunday's first aborted start - possibly causing the stall which demoted Schummy to the back of the grid.
Le Tissier also featured in Venables's first squad but, after one full 90 minutes and an aborted start in Dublin 18 months ago, he disappeared.
Additionally, in the face of Candiotti's aborted start - the pitcher's second-shortest of the year - Lasorda summoned Eischen and told the rest of the bullpen to take the night off.
After an aborted start, with Fernando Alonso's McLaren breaking down on the formation lap, Bottas seized the lead from third on the grid.
No date has yet been set for the adjourned hearing into the events surrounding two aborted starts in last Saturday's Grand National.