above ground level

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above ground level (AGL)

The height of an aircraft above ground level. Also known as absolute altitude. It is measured by a radio, radar, or laser altimeter. When an aircraft is required to fly at a certain height above ground level, the AGL refers to its average height above terrain, not above certain high features and obstacles that may be in the area of operation. If the aircraft is to fly at a fixed height above all obstacles and features, then the height is above obstruction level (AOL), not above ground level. The former may be greater than or equal to the AGL. See above obstruction level.
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Our flights had no restrictions as to altitude: we flew every altitude from 300 feet AGL (above ground level) to FL410 (41,000 feet above the standard datum plane), along the same jet routes as commercial aircraft.
Two container delivery system loads (2,225 pounds and 1,485 pounds)-- each with standard 26-foot parachute canopies--were deployed from 10,000 feet above ground level on two separate passes.
EVEN BEFORE HER FAMOUS WALKING ON THE WALL (1971), SHE CLIMBED ATOP A CARGO NET SUSPENDED ABOVE THE heads of audience members and wove her way into and out of garments twelve feet above ground level in Floor of the Forest (1970).
Additional controlled airspace extending upward from 700 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) is needed to accommodate these SIAPs and for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operations at this airport.
At its highest point, the scaffolding is 110 feet above ground level.
The new rides - towering up to 16.5 metres above ground level - add to the 30-plus slides which already form part of Waterworld.
Rescue roses Dig out rose suckers that have emerged from below the graft - the knobbly bit on the stem just above ground level - or alongside the plant.
The CAA on Thursday issued a notification stating that the additional area within the Outer Horizontal Surface (OHS) - 500 feet above ground level limit surface - of old Benazir Bhutto International Airport (BBIA), which is around 150 square kilometres, had been exempted from the height limitation of 500 feet above ground level for planning high-rise buildings by the CDA.
The European standard is 70 centimetres, which is about two foot four inches above ground level.
MIAA noted that the plane was about 8,000 feet above ground level and 15 nautical miles east of Metro Manila when the plane began experiencing problems with one of its engines.
A wick soaked in scent is pulled out and rests above ground level. As the wick's exposed scent slowly evaporates, more automatically is pulled up from the bottle through the fabric to replace it.