above ground level

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above ground level (AGL)

The height of an aircraft above ground level. Also known as absolute altitude. It is measured by a radio, radar, or laser altimeter. When an aircraft is required to fly at a certain height above ground level, the AGL refers to its average height above terrain, not above certain high features and obstacles that may be in the area of operation. If the aircraft is to fly at a fixed height above all obstacles and features, then the height is above obstruction level (AOL), not above ground level. The former may be greater than or equal to the AGL. See above obstruction level.
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The nests we observed were similar to other reported 'Akikiki nests, but the nest found in 2006 was slightly higher above ground level and in a taller tree.
Air Force cargo aircraft at release altitudes of 500 to 1,250 feet above ground level for low-velocity airdrop and 15,000 to 25,000 feet mean sea level for high-velocity airdrop with identical load accuracy and survivability.
A golden cross and a golden crown at 104 metres above ground level surmount a grand 25 metres-in-diameter dome that in itself is a real landmark for arriving pilgrims.
The cable was approximately 750 feet above ground level and was clearly depicted on the appropriate navigational charts.
During a low level training mission at approximately 600 ft Above Ground Level (AGL) at .
No mention is made of the effects on people in Wales, when these aircraft fly over our homes at 500mph and 30 metres above ground level.
Humorous, glossy, stylish, and snappy stories lift it all above ground level.
The restored haniwa has 12 columns and a roof with decorations, and its floor is elevated above ground level, the researchers said.
Two container delivery system loads (2,225 pounds and 1,485 pounds)-- each with standard 26-foot parachute canopies--were deployed from 10,000 feet above ground level on two separate passes.
EVEN BEFORE HER FAMOUS WALKING ON THE WALL (1971), SHE CLIMBED ATOP A CARGO NET SUSPENDED ABOVE THE heads of audience members and wove her way into and out of garments twelve feet above ground level in Floor of the Forest (1970).
The three floors above ground level focus on the themes of Exploration and Discovery; Creativity and Innovation and Issues and Impacts.
The highest point on the new roof structure was 48 feet above ground level.