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According to Chris Holmes, vice president and general manager at 3M's abrasive systems division, the acquisition will further expand the company's existing product offering, allowing it to meet a broader range of industrial grinding and finishing needs.
A distinguishing feature of the DeltaRim machines is the use of double-acting, hydraulically driven piston pumps that can process high-viscosity materials (up to at least 18,000 cp), filled and abrasive systems, polyurea, and other multiple-component systems.
In this article, Nigel Willcock, technical service engineer for 3M Abrasive Systems Division addresses concerns about vibration exposure when using depressed centre grinding wheels and how to reduce operative time.
Abrasive Systems Division in High Point, NC,-was elected vice president.
Describing a military decommissioning program that recently purchased one of his machines, he commented that his equipment is priced at a fraction of the cost of comparable entrained abrasive systems. Though untested by the rigors of US industrial applications, there appears to be ample evidence of the material removal characteristics of abrasive slurry and the technology should find a niche market.
The Abrasive Systems Division of 3M has been able to provide a solution in the form of a unique fine grade of coated abrasive paper in a bold blue colour, which is usually converted into discs and sheets for the surface preparation and finishing of metal, paints and lacquers.
3M Abrasive Systems offers the Regal Xodust-Plus abrasive belts for stroke and widebelt sanding, including the 3M 961UZ, available for finer finishing in extended grades from P80 to P220.