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(computer science)
A special function occurring in ALGOL, which yields the absolute value, or modulus, of its argument.


(mechanical engineering)

acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)

A plastic used for piping in drainage systems, storm sewers, and underground electrical conduit.


(Automatic Backup System) See backup software.
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The samples were polished by Leica ultra cutter at -100[degrees]C to avoid the deformation of PC and ABS phase.
Introducing high-density compounds of ABS or nylon containing metal powders to replace lead and other "heavy" materials.
First shipments of the PCMCIA ABSplus, Desktop ABS and new line of CMS swap drives containing the new 4.
Sagging abs could ``contribute to more serious physical problems, especially in the lower back,'' write fitness consultants Karen Amen and Tee Dobinson in ``The Crunch'' (Crown; $15).
This knowledge, he says, might one day lead to a tougher ABS canoe with less rubber and perhaps a lower cost.
To order this report: China ABS Plastic Market Report, 2008
Demands for higher capacity portable mass storage solutions such as the 100GB Desktop ABS are on the rise.
Celogen RA semicarbazide for molded and extruded PP, ABS, HIPS, and PPO/PPE.
The Desktop ABS can also provide enough external storage to more than double a PC's life-cycle," said Ken Burke, president of CMS Peripherals.
Each of Ford and GM, through finance company subsidiaries Ford Motor Credit Company (FC) and GMAC LLC (GMAC), respectively, has been consistently securitizing their auto loan, auto lease and dealer floorplan finance originations and are two of the largest issuers of auto ABS in the US.
The alliance, which leverages ABS Consulting's specialization in scenario, probabilistic analysis and risk assessment processes and OpenPages' operational risk management software solution, OpenPages ORM, allows organizations to correlate and associate data into information to minimize unexpected losses and interruptions.
We not only expect the ABS facilities to be accretive to our 2007 results, but we also expect to produce further growth in revenues and profit margins at the ABS facilities in subsequent years.