absolute monarchy

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absolute monarchy:

see monarchymonarchy,
form of government in which sovereignty is vested in a single person whose right to rule is generally hereditary and who is empowered to remain in office for life.
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Until we make the distinction between what Episcopal Bishop John Spong calls "Christendom" and true Catholicism, the perversions of absolute monarchy, like the divine right of kings to deflower virgins, will continue.
It is for this reason that it purports extremist ideas, like that the state does not accept partners, as well as views that are reminiscent of advocating an absolute monarchy.
Tajzadeh said the approval of but eight candidates by the Council of Guardians "has turned Iran's political system into the absolute monarchy of the clerical leader.
Later that year, parliament adopted a new constitution which would bring an end to its absolute monarchy, a move wished by the reigning King.
The costs of war threatened to exhaust France's financial resources, provoking the greatest crisis that the French absolute monarchy would face until the Revolution of 1789.
I believe that he forgot something important in this analysis--that in an absolute monarchy only those who are perceived as essential to its preservation will have any influence.
Imagine a follower of Thomas Hobbes who asserts that absolute monarchy will prevent a war of all against all, and thus maintain the peace that is necessary for commerce.
My bit for The World Policy Journal In an absolute monarchy such as ours, political awareness, never mind democracy, is hard to come by.
He emphasised the difference between constitutional monarchy and absolute monarchy, which he later used to describe the situation in Bahrain.
I am in favour of democracy to the extent that I see it as the least worst form of government, and certainly better than an absolute monarchy, or any other form of dictatorship.
There is nothing democratic about an absolute monarchy and I never claimed, nor would I, that there is.
Although Denmark had kings during the Viking period, absolute monarchy was introduced in 1660.