absolute music

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absolute music,

term used for music dependent on its structure alone for comprehension. It is the antithesis of program musicprogram music
Instrumental music of the 19th and 20th cent. that endeavors to arouse mental pictures or ideas in the thoughts of the listener—to tell a story, depict a scene, or impel a mood.
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. It is not associated with extramusical ideas or with a pictorial or narrative scheme of emotions, nor does it attempt to reproduce sounds in nature. Hence it is always instrumental, although not all instrumental music is absolute. Bach's Art of Fugue is an example of absolute music.
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"Despite almost 500 scores for film and television, I have also found the time to compose around 100 pieces of absolute music. So I am satisfied and proud of what I have written."
In this sense, responding to a silent film is closer to 'absolute music' as we are called to deliver an unabridged music work, as opposed to the musical fragments assimilated in a modern film.
The reasons for the long road to fame, states Cheek, are twofold: the first is Gustav Mahler's decision to postpone, and eventually cancel, the Vienna premiere; the second is the bitter rivalry in nineteenth century Europe between advocates of absolute music and those who welcomed programmatic aspects.
She serves on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Musicological Society and is currently working on a book called A History of Absolute Music.
In any case, an ultimate proof of a logically compelling interlocking of structural analysis and extra-musical reading will probably have to come from an engagement with absolute music in order to be fully convincing.
Xperia phones offers an absolute music experience that enables users to track, manage, store or buy downloads.
Just as the discovery of extremophilic bacteria led biologists to revise their opinions about the scope and preconditions of life, the marginal forms of reference that survive in the semantic desert of absolute music should lead philosophers to revise their assumptions greatly about scope and preconditions of vagueness.--Correspondence to: sorensen@wustl.edu.
First, he argues that absolute music, though it uses no words, does indeed articulate ideas in its relation to its cultural and intellectual context.
The expression theory of absolute music is part and parcel of the narrative theory.
Well out of the frame at Haydock and Beverley on his previous two starts, Tim Easterby's charge kept on well in the closing stages to take third place behind Absolute Music FLORENTIA Displayed a little more promise returned to seven furlongs at Lingfield and the filly should be capable of picking up a small race on the all-weather.
Absolute music has been central in advancing the idea that German music could transcend its Germanness and become universal.