absolute music

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absolute music,

term used for music dependent on its structure alone for comprehension. It is the antithesis of program musicprogram music
Instrumental music of the 19th and 20th cent. that endeavors to arouse mental pictures or ideas in the thoughts of the listener—to tell a story, depict a scene, or impel a mood.
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. It is not associated with extramusical ideas or with a pictorial or narrative scheme of emotions, nor does it attempt to reproduce sounds in nature. Hence it is always instrumental, although not all instrumental music is absolute. Bach's Art of Fugue is an example of absolute music.
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Divested of its social function and utilitarian purposes, absolute music was regarded as expressing the "Wesen der Musik" because it is "begriffs-, objekt- und zwecklos.
There are pieces of pure or absolute music that lend themselves to psychological interpretation.
Well out of the frame at Haydock and Beverley on his previous two starts, Tim Easterby's charge kept on well in the closing stages to take third place behind Absolute Music FLORENTIA Displayed a little more promise returned to seven furlongs at Lingfield and the filly should be capable of picking up a small race on the all-weather.
Absolute music has been central in advancing the idea that German music could transcend its Germanness and become universal.
QUEEN MARY STAKES: 4-1 Don't Tell Mary, 7-1 Lady Of The Desert, 8-1 Capercaillie, Ceedwell, Misheer, Rose Blossom, 14-1 High Spice, The Hermitage, 16-1 Chantilly Creme, Crown, Jealous Again, Little Scotland, 20-1 Above Limits, Habaayib, 25-1 Grand Zafeen, Jira, Lady Royal Oak, 33-1 Absolute Music, Itwasonlyakiss, 40-1 Bell's Ocean, 66-1 Parbold Hill.
There is no reason to suggest that absolute music should be unable to carry a narrative line.
Our representative points toward that which we have learnt--through the wisdom that comes from repeating the conventions of our pack--the gesture of recognizing as wrong: musical autonomy, formalism, higher destiny, transcendence, will, overcoming, revolution, absolute, idealism, dignity (in the Kantian sense, to be distinguished here from postmodern "pride"), negation, high art, redemption, progress, depth, epic, metaphysics, the new, grand narrative, universality, interiority, originality, reason, totality, heroism, genius, Enlightenment, Romanticism, modernism, and so on and so forth--a list that is usually summarized under the term absolute music.
Absolute music purists will probably hate it, but anyone with a good stereo system will have a ball with it.
and of the powerful notion of absolute music that emerged from it.
He demonstrates how the rhythmical alterations to "Faune" before its publication in 1887 stage the conflict between vers libre and metrical poetry, between individual music and absolute Music.
Absolute Music would offer its customers real tones and full-length songs for the mobile from artists such as Madonna, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, James Blunt, Anastacia and Westlife.
He also interprets three works as examples of synaesthesia: Ludwig Tieck's Franz Sternbalds Wanderungen, Philipp Otto Runge's Die vier Tageszeiten, and Clemens Brentano's Die Romanzen vom Rosenkranz Emphasizing the development of music as the key feature, Kwon includes chapters on absolute music as understood by E.