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In the absolutist perspective, the preservation of the corporate entity of the community will do more to preserve human rights than introduction of the principle that the individual may make claims against society and the state.
Clearly, if what is at stake is the reality of spacetime points, then the hole argument should make the absolutist hesitate before embracing substantivalism.
Justice Scalia used absolutist language in Heller to similar demosprudential effect, directing portions of his opinions to gun-rights advocates likely to applaud the decision.
The absolutist platform of the sale of liberty, as more and more towns bought their autonomy, accelerated communal identity for its citizens on the basis of economic activity.
A plausible effect of absolutist rhetoric, then, is that it may sometimes help cut off deeper debate.
Currently in our society the justiciarists appear to have become too absolutist and they have the support of Government health policy and government-inspired community initiatives in favour of vaccination, as well as the orientation of health services, so the autonomists and beneficists are struggling.
Shennan's view, grounded in Claude de Seyssel's theory, that "royal sovereignty and its limitations existed together and that one did not diminish the other" (104), while holding on to Robert Knecht's more absolutist reading.
As far as I can discover, this absolutist definition is the only absolute allowed in our postmodern era.
He was a "Quaker absolutist," incarcerated for his "Everlasting No," his refusal to accept any of the forms of non-military service available to conscientious objectors after the government introduced conscription in 1916.
In that vein, it seems to me that the pro-abortion forces have been more absolutist than pro-lifers in the political sphere.
Both women and men were more relativistic than absolutist or hedonistic.
Coase's reasoning is obviously not an absolutist argument for freedom of action.