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Zirconium alloys are used for fuel rod cladding in fission reactors owing to their small absorption cross section for neutrons.
The figure indicates less absorption cross section and more extinction and scattering cross sections in nano-sinusoids than nano-triangles and nano-diamonds, also more linearity of the cross sections versus wavelength for nano-sinusoids than the two other shapes.
Some of these molecular orbitals could be involved in higher energy electronic transitions, however they could not account for the exponential increase in the observed absorption cross section below 300 nm.
After correcting for fluorescence and residual background, the data acquired inside the IS was analyzed using the absorption cross section calculated according to the L-M formalism.
The output of the Lorenz-Mie code, Mie (d, n), (8) was set to give the absorption cross section which was then used directly in Eq.
From the measured wave length and previous experimental results assuming that the absorption cross section in [.
m] represent the scattering and absorption cross section respectively.
Since cold neutrons will depolarize in a liquid deuterium target in which the scattering cross section is much larger than the absorption cross section, it will be necessary to quantify the loss of polarization before capture.
Since the relative intensities of the partial beams were not constant during the experiment, transmission data could not be used to extract the gas particle number density from the known absorption cross section.
0] the absorption cross section for unpolarized neutrons ([[sigma].
3]He atoms in the cell, [sigma] is the wavelength-dependent neutron absorption cross section, l is the length of the cell, [P.