absorption rate

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absorption rate, initial rate of absorption

The weight of water absorbed when a brick is partially immersed for one minute; usually expressed in grams per minute or ounces per minute.
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absorption rate not less than 2,3 cm3 / s, diapers for adults, size "m" (waist / hip size up to 120 cm), with full moisture absorption not less than 1800g.
The absorption rate in prime residential areas such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah is expected to remain broadly resilient.
By 2016-end, the slow absorbable stents segment is poised to grab the lion's share of the absorption rate.
While the absorption rate reflects a negative 9,600 square feet last quarter, this quarter reflects a positive 70,831 square feet.
com/articles/169250/Regional+Policy+Commissioner+Impressed+with+Bulgaria%E2%80%99s+75+EU+Funds+Absorption+Rate">Cretu was impressed with the country's 75 % EU funds absorption rate.
Boncato said the budget, which is being implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways has a very good absorption rate.
Agere helps customers improve the absorption rate and delivery of medications through its solubilization expertise and technologies.
Upper Manhattan is currently enduring a lower absorption rate --the actual speed of the sale--than other sections of the borough.
Undersecretary to the President Constantinos Petrides said from his part that efforts under way focus at increasing the absorption rate of EU funds.
According to Walter Deffaa, director-general of the Commission's DG Regional Policy, the fund absorption rate for 2007-2013 currently stands at around 60%.
The door is made of smooth polypropylene fabric, which provides higher resistance to acids and bases and a lower water absorption rate than vinyl and urethane.
While the percentage of calcium absorbed in both formula-fed groups was lower than the absorption rate of the breastfed infants, the absolute amount of calcium absorbed was the same as in the breastfed infants.