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1. denoting art characterized by geometric, formalized, or otherwise nonrepresentational qualities
2. Philosophy (of an idea) functioning for some empiricists as the meaning of a general term
3. an abstract painting, sculpture, etc.
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a brief oral or written summary of a book, a scientific or scholarly work, or the results of a scientific or scholarly study. An abstract generally aims to provide scientific or scholarly information. The dissertation abstract written by those seeking the degree of candidate or doctor of sciences is a summary of the dissertation’s chief scholarly and theoretical propositions.

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Hervaeus's understanding of intentionality is based in a distinction that he repeatedly draws: intention can be taken either materially and concretely or formally and abstractly. Taken materially and concretely, an intention is just what is understood, the terminus of the act of understanding.
The starting point is a traditional New Orleans housing type, the long, narrow shotgun house, which is abstractly represented through an almost exaggerated, gable roof and generous front porch.
According to construal level theory, any event can be construed concretely or abstractly. Concrete construals focus on the specific details of the event and emphasize how a person engages in a particular action.
"As for muses, when I glimpse the inside of someone, that resonates with me, sometimes they end up in my work, even if abstractly," says Brazen.
Their paintings can be described as abstractly representational and are usually images of places visited or events that have happened.
Among other things, the 11 chapters explain that young children think both concretely and abstractly, a notion largely ignored in current curricula, and that students' implicit pre-schooling knowledge of the natural world plays a critical role in their science learning.
In addition, the very activity of painting abstractly, thus caught by the camera, could be (mis)perceived and hence understood (only) as a choreography, a dance, that is, a "mindless" physical bodily performance, rather than as a series of decisions consciously (or unconsciously) enacted on a surface.
Animals do not think abstractly and they show very little interest in placing themselves imaginatively into another's perspective on events.
So the short answer to the question seems to be: "not good." Yet many painters continue to work abstractly with success, and the exhibition "The Spiritual Landscapes of Adrienne Farb, 1980-2006" at the College of the Holy Cross offers a survey of just such a one.
Mercedes' nonprofit "Priority Boxes" project allows people to receive the intangibles via mail through a colorful abstractly painted box labeled "FRAGILE: Contains...."
Individual essays range from "Who Paints Abstractly?" to "Exotism", "I Am: A New Humanism in American Art and Design", "The Strange Life of Andrei Roiter's Objects", and much more.
A report published by the Center shortly after the Guidelines project reflected this growing awareness of autonomy as, paradoxically, relational: "Autonomy is not some a priori property of persons abstractly conceived.