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1. denoting art characterized by geometric, formalized, or otherwise nonrepresentational qualities
2. Philosophy (of an idea) functioning for some empiricists as the meaning of a general term
3. an abstract painting, sculpture, etc.
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a brief oral or written summary of a book, a scientific or scholarly work, or the results of a scientific or scholarly study. An abstract generally aims to provide scientific or scholarly information. The dissertation abstract written by those seeking the degree of candidate or doctor of sciences is a summary of the dissertation’s chief scholarly and theoretical propositions.

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Moreover, the development of the ME sense of futurity when compared with the OE sense of prophecy, is to be viewed as the increase in the level of abstractness via defocusing of the divine conceptual subject.
Possibly a kind of abstractness is built into the form, allowing for the greatest general application, and it is no wonder that classical periods produced the most satisfying examples.
The problem, Hegel now says more helpfully, lies in the abstractness of the Socratic universal.
When that awareness came, it seemed to me that Voegelin was moving from the concreteness of historical investigation and reflection to the abstractness of speculative philosophy.
The often strange looking, strange sounding words, their meaning unclear or completely mysterious, tend to take on a certain abstractness.
Marx is applauded for his attention to concrete political struggle, whereas Habermas is criticized for his abstractness and distance from the concerns of everyday politics.
Here we touch on a peculiarity of music among the other arts: its mixture of the concrete and sensorial with the abstractness of its mode of meaning.
To its credit, Comber's thorough abstractness left the door open to imaginative ruminations on the precariousness of shelter, the untamable violence of nature (earthquakes, hurricanes), and destruction's potential as a creative force.
While Kant's empiricist critics drew upon previous authors in that tradition, notably Locke, the discussions represented here are not "pre"-critical; their empiricism addresses gaps in the transcendental project of critique of perception, understanding, and reasoning by indicating the weaknesses and abstractness of Kant's own treatments.
From the 1860s on, modernists found still life especially appealing not only because of its essential abstractness, which permitted them to concentrate on formal issues of pure painting, but also because of its slightly transgressive associations.
According to her, well-equipped laboratories will enhance students' understanding and drastically reduce abstractness during teaching and learning process.
A critique of the growth strategy of the last Shahbaz Sharif government by the new draft five-year Punjab Growth Strategy 2018-2023 says the authors of the previous document didn't base their growth projection on historical evidence, which ultimately added abstractness to the targets set in it.