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Elassoma zonatum.--The banded pigmy sunfish is abundant in creek filled Austroriparian waters.
Furthermore, as we approach 2050, emissions under the abundant natural
Abundant Power Group is the parent company of PointGuard Technology and CleanSource Capital.
These correlations could explain why the condition of bluefin tuna suffers even when prey is abundant. According to the researchers, this also may explain a shift in distribution of bluefin tuna to offshore banks and locations further north on the northwest Atlantic shelf where herring (and their corresponding energetic payoff) are larger.
APIACEAE (Carrot or Parsley Family) Cryptotaenia canadensis (L.) DC.--CW, SW; MWL; Abundant; C = 3; BSUH 20046.
The most abundant species at this station is Otala punctata with a rate of 22.22% and a relative density of 69.91 per 100 m2.
Abundant Bloomsdale' is an open-pollinated variety, and OSA encourages growers to select and save seed from their harvests to further adapt the variety to their local growing conditions.
The name, Bridgmanite, was given to the most abundant mineral Earth in honour of a pioneer in the use of high pressure experiments called Percy Bridgman.
Supernatural Favor - Living in God's Abundant Supply
The Church as salt and light; path to an African ecclesiology of abundant life.
Although it was too early to say at press time, waterfowl managers are optimistic the breeding season could produce yet another boom, thanks to abundant water on the breeding grounds.