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The most abundant species at this station is Otala punctata with a rate of 22.
Abundant Bloomsdale' is an open-pollinated variety, and OSA encourages growers to select and save seed from their harvests to further adapt the variety to their local growing conditions.
The reason they were unsuccessful was because the small amount of perovskite that was present was destroyed due to the technique called electron diffraction that the scientists used to look for the most abundant mineral.
Supernatural Favor - Living in God's Abundant Supply is written for anyone willing to be set apart to experience new levels of God's faithfulness and His abundant blessing in every area of their lives.
Abundant Life Worship Center is a multi-ethnic church, where people from all walks of life come together to worship the living God and to learn how to grow their faith in Christ Jesus.
Pilosellina must have stellate trichomes also on adaxial surface of leaves, stolons absent or, if present, scarce, short and relatively thick and thin involucral bracts with abundant and dominant long simple eglandular trichomes and more or less abundant stellate trichomes: in this area it can only be P.
Early flights of teal were abundant where good water existed across the province.
So, given abundant cheap energy once again, it is quite obvious that the world population will continue to grow even more alarmingly.
We sought to establish whether BNP-32 bound specifically or nonspecifically to the 6 most abundant proteins in plasma.
In generalizing regular semigroups, Fountain [7] introduced abundant semigroups.
Icelandic whalers will be allowed to kill nine endangered fin whales--the second-largest species after blue whales--and 30 smaller, more abundant minkes by the end of August.
Scientists had previously noted that p16 becomes more abundant with age in some types of mammalian tissue.