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1. belonging or relating to a place of learning, esp a college, university, or academy
2. relating to studies such as languages, philosophy, and pure science, rather than applied, technical, or professional studies
3. a member of a college or university



(1) Pertaining to an academy as a scientific establishment (for instance, an academic publication) or as an institution of higher learning (for example, the academic year).

(2) Pertaining to the Academy of Arts and to art objects.

(3) An honorary title awarded to theaters in the USSR.

(4) Academic; abstract, abstruse, not popular.

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To all those belauded sages of the academic chairs, wisdom was sleep without dreams: they knew no higher significance of life.
The newly launched Academic Knowledge website features a streamlined design, updated information and help articles for freelance writers, and a unique fee calculator that allows prospective writers to quickly learn how much they could earn working with Academic Knowledge.
When conflicts arise between pursuing important academic goals and yielding to tempting distractions, they learn how to remain task-focused despite their immediate impulses; they delay gratification.
Recent studies have provided strong evidence of effectiveness for the school counselor-led Student Success Skills (SSS) intervention in positively effecting the academic achievement and social competence of students (Brigman & Campbell, 2003; Brigman, Webb, & Campbell, in press; Campbell & Brigman, 2005; Webb, Brigman, & Campbell, 2005).
s released in December, only 56 percent of the 590 anticipated positions for new doctoral faculty will be filled for the 2006-08 academic years.
There has been a tremendous amount of research done that shows that a child's socioeconomic status (SES) affects his/her overall cognitive ability and academic achievement (Bradley & Corwyn, 2002; Bracey, 1996; Ram and Hou, 2003; Duncan, Yeung, Brooks-Gunn, & Smith, 1998).
There are several non-financial "opportunities" which I think are key to recruiting the next generation of academic physicians.
But it was an even better day for Canyon High, which toppled its local rivals by placing 10th out of the 43 public high schools competing in the Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon.
The National Assessment of Vocational Education 2004 report to Congress claims that students who combine strong academic and vocational programs may have better outcomes than those who pursue one or the other.
The new academic building will create an interdisciplinary environment for its students that will inspire learning and engender creativity.
That harmony splintered, and Baptist education has ever since been at odds with itself and American educational society over how to construe academic freedom.

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